Adventurous Scuba Dive!!!!

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One who has not dived has not lived!! was a slogan which was doing rounds in my mind. And it was a wait which was very long!! After all the googling on scuba dive, we ended up discovering that the best place to dive on mainland India is beside my native!! That is our own Murdeshwara!! 

Finally called up Dhiraj of dreamzdive unit who carries out diving events and scheduled the date.

April 28th 2012 was the day we were waiting for !! We, 9 of us (Sampath, Lohith, Nagesh, Shrimanth, Deepak, Jagadeesha,  Prabhakar, Somanna and me) had planned a long tour to Murdeshwar and Goa together, starting with this adventure!! 

We were told that we need not know swimming for this event but still few among us were little concerned whether they will make it or not as they didnt know swimming. Inspite of assurance few had little concerns about it!! 

Me, Shrimanth and deepak were all discussing about scuba dive, snorkelling for more than 15 days!! After a long wait finally the day came!! We all met at VRL office and raring to go. Boarded the bus and had long discussions before we all went to sleep.

 Dive Day!! (28/04/2012)

 We reached Murdeshwar at around 8:30 in the morning. We were already late. Got down and checked into a lodge on the highway. Since it was a long weekend, we had booked the lodge before we went there with the help of my friend Subhas. Freshened up and had breakfast. Left to RNS hotel near Murdeshwar beach where the office of Dreamzdive is situated. We signed up all the formalities. There were few more people who joined us for the dive.


 We all left on one Speed boat to Netrani Island which is 12 nautical miles away from murdeshwar beach. Another helper boat carried all the food and other things required for the dive like oxygen cylinders etc. 

 We were guided about how to equalize the air pressure in ear when we go down every 1 meter in water during dive. Few hand signs, What to do and what not to do were also learnt during the session. Finally after 1 and a half hour long journey, we reached Netrani Island. The helper boat had already reached the place. Shrimanth was seasick and was having a tough time.

We were a bit concerned about the weather as it was cloudy and could harm the visibility underwater if there is no sunlight. And we were proven wrong!! As the boat stopped few meters away from the island, I saw the water underneath. I was able to see land below the sea water!! It was crystal clear!! 

We all geared up for the event. There were around 6-7 instructors who took us into water, one guide for a person at a time. We had decided to wait for others to take dive first as instructors would be in hurry to bring divers back early as many people were still in queue :P But Jagadeesha and Sampath missed the group and went to take the dive first.
While the other groups went for dive we geared up with the snorkeling gears (breathing pipe, life jacket and diving glass). We all jumped into the sea in joy. Initially few of us couldn't breathe through pipe and mouth. I showed them how to breathe using the gears. 

 When I started snorkeling in the sea water I could sense what we were going to experience in a short while!! It was a wonderful sight. I could see the divers along with their trainers inside, colorful fishes, corals and what not!! And it was just my face inside water!! Air bubbles coming out of divers were shining like mercury!! We went to catch them.

By this time it was half an hour and Jagadeesha returned back to boat after the dive. I was keen to hear his experience in water. His explanations  doubled my interests!! 

 We all geared up for the event. Fins, special jacket with weights(to go down),air control(to come up) and oxygen cylinders, glasses were all in place. Recalled some instructions and I was ready for the mega event. It was the time I was waiting for all these days....

Lets Dive!! 

 Trainer reduced air in the jacket and due to weight around waist we were going down slowly. At every step trainer was asking whether I am comfortable or not. We were stopping for every meter while going down and equalizing the pressure inside the ears. 

OMG!!! What a place it was!! I am finding no words to explain what I have experienced  there!! Colorful fishes, bigger fishes, tinier ones, corals, fishes that looked like snakes and so on!!

There were thousands of fishes, some would come very closer to us and some run away as I was an alien to them. I went to touch one fish which looked like a snake but trainer said not to do that. It was trying to scare me as I was an intruder!! 

Trainer allowed me to touch some corals and it was like a rock solid. Gradually we were moving from one place to the other with frequent stops in order to equalize the pressure.

Finally I touched the sand at the bottom and started moving around a huge rock. I could see few more species of fishes hiding behind the rock. Finally the photographer came with the underwater camera and took couple of snaps. And it was time to say good bye to an amazing world out there!! Now the trainer increased the air pressure inside the jacket and we were back to top couple of minutes. 

I was speechless. Just sat on the helper boat for a while. Believe me its really a different world out there!! It was indeed a lifetime experience. 

Except shrimanth who had some difficulty in equalizing the air pressure inside ears, all of us touched the bottom and returned. After a while we had some snacks, fruits and juices. And again we all jumped into the water with the snorkeling gears. This time I took some courage and went little bit far away towards the island. I could see the land growing inside like the mountains as I was approaching the shore. And lots and lots of fishes were visible too. 

Finally, after a wonderful time we had to leave back. It was around 3.30 when we left. And back to murdeshwara in an hour. It was one of the most exciting and adventurous trip I have ever had.

After the dive I could feel how colourful and lively that world is, which was just a 'lifeless sea' before.
 Cost of Dive: 4000/- per person per dive (one dive is 30 mins) 
                          1500/- extra for the 2nd dive (optional) 
                          Snorkeling is free for those who pay for Dive. (unlimited time!!) 
We were 9 members so we got 10% off too. But believe me its worth every penny!!

 How to equalize the pressure? - Just close the nose with fingers and close the mouth too. Now blow the air inside you. The blown air will put pressure inside ear drums and equalize the external pressure!! 

Find the details about the Dreamz Dive unit @

Sharat Chandra