Mindblowing DudhSagar Falls

Tuesday, October 06, 2009 / Posted by Sharat /

Our journey to DudhSagar Falls is one of the Best journey we have ever had. There was heavy rainfall around Northern Parts of Karnataka from the previous couple of days. Everybody discouraged us from visiting the falls as there was heavy rain and flood all over northern parts of Karnataka and even in the interior parts, but we had made up our mind to visit the falls.

We were in Hubli to attend one of my friend's wedding on the Friday (Oct 02nd). We boarded Chennai-Vasco Express in Hubli. The train left the station at 7.30am. We were at the CastleRock station at 10.30am. This is the last stop in Karnataka. We had planned to trek along the railway track to Falls. As there was a chance of rain we then decided to travel till DudhSagar station , visit the falls and then trek back to CastleRock. Distance from CastleRock to Falls is around 14-15km on one side.

It was covered with fog allover. Two more Engines added to the train as the braking becomes easier during downhill. Two Engines will be added during uphill also. After few minutes train started to travel towards the falls.

The train was moving slowly. We were sitting on the foot board of the train, thus enjoying Best ever train journey in our life. Landscape around was Breathtaking. There were 6-7 Tunnels, varying from 50mtr to 460mtrs. There were few bridges as well. We screamed with joy each time train entered the tunnel. Standing on the foot board while the train is on the bridge was unforgettable experience. We could see the valley(low lying area) under the bridge through corners. Train stopped at one station called "Caranzol" before reachin DudhSagar station.

We all got down in DudhSagar station. The Falls is around 1-2 km from the station. We were very curious to have a glimpse of the majestic Falls. Wasting not much time we started walking towards the falls. Crossed 2 Tunnels and we could hear the sound of water falls. Within few minutes we were at the DudhSagar Falls.

Everybody were spellbound. We just couldn't resist admiring the beauty of the falls. Falls looked exactly like the "Ocean of Milk" aka DudhSagar. Within no time there was another goods train carrying ore started coming towards us. I ran to the other side to take the photographs of the train crossing the bridge against the falls.

Once the train crossed the bridge we started taking snaps of the falls. We were all wet standing in front of the falls. Took couple of nice photographs. There were few railway workers at the falls and they told that it had rained heavily last night. We inquired them about the train timings.

After spending some quality time we started walking along the track to get the full view of the falls. We cannot see full view of the falls standing near to the falls. After walking for about 2km (have to cross 4 tunnels) we could see full view of the falls.

Another goods train came specially for us to take photographs...!!! Waited for 10 mins so that train can reach the falls and let us take photographs.......!! Clicked some photos.

We then Decided to trek towards Kulem instead of CastleRock and started moving towards Kulem. Rain started coming as we were approaching Sonalium station. At the station we came across Amarawati Express train going towards Kulem and as the rain was there we decided to get travel in the train.

Kulem is 8km from Sonalium station. Got off the train at Kulem station. It was 1.45pm. The next train towards Castlerock and Londa was at 4.40. We waited there and finally the train arrived at 4.45pm. Again 2 more engines added to the train. Fog had covered the forests allover.

Reached Londa at 6.30pm. A part of train (few bogies) was left behind so that they are attached to Rani Chennamma Express coming from Belagavi. Train arrived at 8.30 and we were in Hubli at 10.30. Got Rajahamsa and we were back to busy life of Bangalore at 8.30 next day.

As the proverb says "Fortune favors the Brave" we thought we were brave enough as the fortune favored us....!!!

Brave Trekkers included Anand Vardhan, Prasad Pai, VMH, Adiga, Prasad Shet, Arun Dixit and myself.

DudhSagar Essentials.

1) The only way of transportation is Train. Can reach CastleRock by road (Private transport).

2) If trekking then its better to trek from CastleRock to DudhSagar as the landscape is beautiful, there are lots of Tunnels(around 7) and few bridges as well. And trekking from Dudhsagar to Kulem is waste of time and energy.

3) If trekking is not in the list then get down at the DudhSagar Station. Walk few 1.5km and reach the falls. Again walk for 2-3km to see the full view of the falls and get the trains at Sonalium station.
Note: Train stations towards Kulem from CastleRock are as follows.
CastleRock - Caranzol - DudhSagar - Sonalium - Kulem
But you can buy tickets only at CastleRock and Kulem. There are no ticket counters at the other stations. You can travel Free of cost between these stations...!!!!

4) All trains including Goods and only engines stop at all the above said stations. Railway crew are very helpful.

5) For a weekend trip Board Chennai- Vasco Express from Bangalore on Friday night and return back on Sunday morning by Vasco Bangalore Link Express. Don't forget to book the train well in advance.

6) Getting into the water during mansoon is impossible but can try when water flow is low.

7) For trekkers, there is lot of place inside the tunnel even if train comes.

Best time to visit: July to November


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mumtaz on October 21, 2009 at 2:31 PM

Its really MIND-BLOWING...........

deepak on October 21, 2009 at 2:35 PM

I heard that trekking in these tunnels are very dangerous !!!!

I think u r group is very daring...

I liked the photos taken in moving train and in tunnels

Comment by arun on July 25, 2011 at 3:40 PM

We too have gone to dudhsagarwater fall and have also reached the peak point of the fall fromm where the water falls down it was a trill an we have enjoyed every moment of it...............

shrads on September 1, 2014 at 5:22 PM

hii.. will october first time be the suitable weather to visit there??will it be raining there??

Comment by Sharat on October 31, 2014 at 4:23 PM

Sorry for delayed response... Yes... Usually there will be no rains or less rains in Oct... But Oct is the best time to visit Dudhsagar falls!

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