Kodachadri Trek

Thursday, December 03, 2009 / Posted by Sharat /

This Deepavali was very special for 4 of us as we had planned something different from the routine stuff... That is Trekking...!!!!!! Me and my cousin's Alok, Umashankar and Prashant decided to trek Kodachadri and Hidlumane falls during Deepavali festival and spend a Diwali night on top of Kodachadri.

Prashant and Satyanarayan (He was there only till Hidlumane Falls) were our guides.There are 3 routes from nittur to reach Kodachadri. Take a vehicle and reach Marakutuka and start from there or walk along the road towards kodachadri (approx 15km) or walk till Kumbli(3km from nittur) and take right towards Hidlumane Falls and to kodachadri. We took the latter route.

We (me, alok,umashankar and Satya)started of from Nittur at 11am. Reached Kumbli at 11.30. Prashant joined us in Kumbli. Everybody were geared up for the long trek ahead. Hidlumane Falls is around 3-4 km from Kumbli.

We reached the foot of the falls at 1pm. We cannot see the falls straight away but have to cross few slippery rock slopes of water falls in order to have the glimpse of the falls. We were very much hungry and wasted no time in opening the eatables we had carried. I had bought few chapati's, chutney pudi etc from bangalore and Prashant had bought Curd rice from his house. Had a full meals at the foot of the falls.

Started our journey towards Kodachadri at 2pm. Satyanarayan left us after showing us the path leading towards Kodachadri. From the falls the path is steep till we reach the main road. We came across thousands of leaches which didn't allowed us to take rest.

It was becoming more and more difficult for us to climb the mountain as we had full meals at the falls. We took couple of breaks later and finally we could see some vehicles movement nearby. As we were approaching the road fog welcomed us.

Again we stopped at couple of viewpoints to take photographs. It is around 3 km to the Bhat's house in Kodachadri once we hit the road. We were at the Bhat's house at 5pm. There is a temple and a small pond beside the house. We have to trek another for another 20min to reach the Sarvajna Peetha, the Sunset point.Dumped all the luggage's and Started our journey towards Sarvajna Peetha.

There were many tourists waiting to get the glimpse of the spectacular sunset. As we were approaching the sunset point we could see the clouds below us. It was an awesome feeling.

And in a minutes later we witnessed the one of the best sunset ever for which Kodachadri is known for. Sun was going to take shelter behind the clouds for the night..!!! And as expected we had some spectacular sunset.

We reached Bhat's house in few minutes. Had a stomach full of dinner and that's it for the day.

Day 2

Woke up early morning and rushed towards Sarvajna peetha to see the Sun rise and there was fog allover but still we could see a decent sunrise.

There is another place called Chitra moola where Sanyasi's will be doing dhyana. It is around 1-2km from the Sarvajna peetha. We went there and could see a sanyasi doing dhyana and few people having holy bath. We saw two headed snake on the way too...!! But could click only the tail as it was rushing towards the bush and a Scorpian.

We were back to bhat's house at 8am. Had Uppittu for the breakfast. Thanked them and paid them for the accommodation and the food they served.

Left at 9.30 am. We were supposed to reach Prashant's house (10km from Kodachadri) at 12 but we stopped couple of times before we reached at 1pm. For reaching Nittur it is another 4km from the place. That ended our 22-24km trek in 2 days.

Panoramic View of Kodachadri surrounding hills