Mullayanagiri Revisited........

Sunday, December 20, 2009 / Posted by Sharat /

Not even a year since I visited Mullayanagiri, I was eager to visit the place once again. But this time it was with our colleagues. After inviting everybody in the office we were left with 9 enthusiastic guys ready for the tour. Shrimanth, Somanna, Lohith, Prabhakar, Kiran, Kubendr, Vijay, Vaijyanath and Me.

Day 1
Picked up everybody at around 11pm in Tempo Travellor on a Friday and left to Kemmannugundi. Reached the place at 5.30 in the morning.

Day 2
We were expecting a sunrise but could not see in Viewpoint of Kemmannugundi it is surrounded by hills which spoiled our purpose. If we had reached Z point for the sunrise we could have caught the Sunrise.

Freshened up and had a wonderful breakfast in a hotel . The next place on the card was to visit Hebbe Falls. Booked a Jeep to Hebbe falls as the roads are in pathetic condition and only Jeeps can reach the Falls. It took almost 45 min to travel 8km with the photo breaks.

We have to trek 1Km to reach the falls and a dog showed us the route to the falls..!!! There were countless leeches all around the falls and we were badly bitten by them. At one point there were atleast 10 leeches on my leg..!!!

The falls was very beautiful and worth spending 950Rs for a Jeep.. We had nice bath at the falls The water was chilling. Somanna hurt his eyebrow when he slipped on the rock and lost blood too.. Thankfully we had carried First aid kit and therefore we could put a temperory bandage and stop the blood.

The dog was waiting for us to get ready to show us our return path...!! We were back to the starting point in few mins. Paid our guide a buiscuit pack (!!!) and we were back in Kemmannugundi in half an hour.

The next place was Baba Budan Giri. The time was already 12.30 noon. After few Km towards BBGiri we stopped to take photographs at a viewpoint. The place was superb and picturesque.

We then thought of going to Manikyadhara first and then stopping at BBGiri on the way back. Spent some time in Manikyadhara and were back to BBGiri. The holy Caves were undergoing renovation and therefore the visitors were not allowed to enter the cave. We saw it from the outside and headed towards the Sarpadhari... ie. Starting point of Trek to Mullayanagiri. Also had stomuch full of Chapati's on the way.

We reached at Sarpadhari at 5.30pm. We were joined by another group of 25-30 people from Chitradurga. They were guided by the 2 people and we also felt that we wont lose the way. The path was very steep.

It was getting darker and darker and all the torch lit up. We could feel the cold breeze around us. We had traffic jam also as few would stop tired. And let me remind you that even though the trekking is around 6km only but its not easy.

Finally we reached top of Mullayanagiri at 7.30pm. However we could not see anything on top of the hill as the visibility was affected by darkness and the mist. The other group had planned to stay at the top (in temple) but we walked 3 km down to Seetalayyanagiri. Our TT also had arrived well before we reached the temple at Seetalayyanagiri. We fixed our tents and started preparing for the Dinner. Menu for the dinner included Puliyogare, Chapati's, Masala Soda etc. Thanks to Lohith and Prabhakar who prepared Puliyogare.

Put some Camp Fire and went to sleep.

Day 3
Woke up early morning at 5.30 and rushed to take some stunning photographs. The early morning view of clouds below us was outstanding. Clicked couple of snaps .

Refreshed and started cooking for the breakfast. 2 min Maggi noodles was waiting for us. Also we ordered Temple Poojari to prepare Coffee and breakfast. Didnt hesitate to have 2nd round of breakfast..!!! Breakfast was very good ,they had prepared Chitranna. But the coffee tasted very bad. But, as it was hot we didnt mind drinking in the early morning cold.

Packed all the belongings and left Seetalayyanagiri again towards Mullayanagiri to see what we missed last night. But it was disappointing as cloud was allover. We hoisted Karnataka Flag as it is a highest peak in Karnataka. It was a proud moment.

We left Mullayanagiri and the next stop was Chikmagalur. Bought some coffee powder as the place is known for. Had a nice cup of Coffee also.

We stopped near Yagachi dam and took couple of snaps. The dam is 5km from Belur.

Visited world famous Belur Chennakeshava Temple and Halebeedu Temples. Took the help of Guides in both the places. And were in bangalore at 10pm.

Other Notes
1) Staying on top of Mullayanagiri in winter might be difficult as the winds will be blowing.
2) There is a lot of flat ground in Seetalayyanagiri for camping. It can accommodate around 20 tents...!!!
3) Pujari at the temple in Seetalayyanagiri will prepare the food if needed.
4) Dont forget to get guide in Belur as they charge 25 per person but it will be really useful.


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